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Web Solutions

Web Solutions

The world and web are dynamic, but change will always remain constant! Thanks to the exponential growth of smartphones and tablets, people are no longer chained to their desktops. The mobiles already available in the market and the ones still upcoming vary tremendously in manufacturing company, OS platform, screen size, etc. The challenge stands in developing a comprehensive and smart mobile web solution that is adaptive to and compatible with all the mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile Web Development

Why a mobile website?

  • Increasing no. of mobile web users
  • Bad mobile experience, cost you customers
  • Mobile users search for local information
  • Mobile friendly website attracts purchases
  • It is convenient to all and direct
  • Larger market reach

The mobile web development team at Techgrains surpasses the challenge to deliver excellence in providing a comprehensive mobile web solution, compatible with all mobiles and tablets. We have the expertise and experience in delivering user friendly, interactive and ease of navigation, custom mobile web solutions that attract local mobile searches to drive you to your business goals .

Some of our mobile web development proficiency include compatibility on any device/browser, optimized layouts, mobile payment gateway, shopping and ecommerce, reservations & bookings, etc. With new mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and phablets emerging every day, it now more important than ever to make sure your website is available to this growing demographic. Having a mobile web solution adds an advantage to you reaching potential customers. Your customers are mobile, your business needs to be mobile too!

Web design is a very flexible service. It can help you in so many ways. We don't stick to just one idea here at Glorywebs , but we assess the originality of your business, its uniqueness. There is no way you can skip the good design and enjoy a functional, attractive website that truly stands out in such a large crowd.

Web Design that Reflects YOU

Web design that's really good is that which spells uniqueness to its viewers. It has to be memorable and relevant. If the specific traits of your brand don't shine through, it may not reach its true potential. This is where we come into play. Our team designs web sites that reflect your special qualities, what YOU put in this business, what you offer and others may not.

A Professional Look

Web design is your online business representation and for this reason it needs to look professional. We achieve this by using the best picks of design elements, styles and layouts. There will be no unnecessary or tacky parts in it. Proportions pay a huge role in this too, so we're extra careful about that.


Good web design is not all about looks – every element must have a function and work properly. Intuitive is what we go for. This makes it easy for users to make the most of your site and services. We help everyone access the various features, effortlessly.

Handcrafted Sites

This is how we work. We don't take a generic, readily made layout and place it over to serve your website. What we do is to actually build it from scratch, handpicking all the suitable elements and making sure everything fits together. We are in control of every little aspect. Each site can thus become a work of art in itself. In any case, it succeeds in standing on its own, being well built and original. There is no one-fits-all kind of solution, this is why handcrafting sites is so important to us. Furthermore, this approach lets us be more efficient, as we get to focus on the specific site category at hand – informational, commercial etc.

Sounds like it will take a lot of time to finish? Glorywebs works fast and we ensure a satisfying turnaround time. After all, we want you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Do you have a deadline? Discuss it with us and we will tell you what can be done. It is possible at any time to organise a strategy that suits both the team and you, the client.

SEO Solutions

Researches have verified that SEO gives a higher return on investment (ROI) in a more gainful way than other Online Marketing Policy

The business website you have is effective only if it comes in the 1st few pages of search engine results when any potential client looks for your services or products. Several business websites become unsuccessful in performing well in the search engines as their pages were not optimized meticulously with the accurate keywords, right descriptions, abundant text and correctly formatted meta-tags. This is exactly the case when you need apt SEO services for your business.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the procedure of raising your websites visibility on big search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing to drive the targeted traffic to your websites chief performing pages. SEO services need smart planning and many resources to carry out a plan that is further modified as per your business objectives, market and context. This includes describing your presentation targets, and then do in-depth market research for evaluating your position against your opponents & we will do that for you!

Why SEO?:
  • Permits to target the visitors in an extremely specific manner
  • Provides better adaptation rates than the other marketing channels
  • Generates an improved ROI
  • Contributes in the expansion of long-term results
  • Increases the online awareness of your brand

Why SEO from KPIT Solution?
We understand that businesses cant always pay for high expenses, thus, we always keep our charges low. By providing our clients affordable SEO services, we give a chance to every business (from small scale to large scale) to grow online. Unlike other companies, our focus is always on your growth & benefit instead of filling out our pockets.

With our professional SEO services, we carefully analyze your website and adjust its code for getting the finest results. We utilize inventive tools to calculate the class of optimization before releasing your website for the search engine as well as directory submission. After submission, we schedule your websites daily submission and start checking the traffic performance.

Our Difference:

We have been in this business for several years and successfully offering our clients with the outcome they desire. We work with just one goal; for making your business excel on the net. Our SEO team work hard to assist you to enhance your businesss internet existence. Our professional SEO services will surely increase your company's alertness on the search engines while producing astounding content which will drive clients to your website and hence enhancing your sites web traffic.

We offer best SEO services along with highly affordable SEO packages (back link) for all our services which makes it very easy for our clients to choose the package which suits their requirements in the best possible way.

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